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It's been quite some time here and I hope this finds you well. One of the hardest things happened at the beginng of the year; losing Daisy, so I have been mourning and not so much inspired as to write/whip up blogs. Though, that's not what this blog is about today.

Today, I am showing you What I Eat In A Day and I really enjoy the "what I eat in a day" from others, seeing a bit into their daily meals. Mostly to grab some inspiration for my own meals or figure out at least what I'd like to try. I'll be eventually making these into vlogs to go alongside this here, but until then....c'est partir!

Up first - Breakfast!

I absolutely adore eating breakfast -- it's one of my favourite meals of the day. I've always been a breakfast lover, and find that there's so much variety and interesting things you can create to get your day started. Most of the time, it is the biggest meal of my day and others, I really just appreciate something simple but packed full of energy to get me to lunch.

My breakfast - Oatmeal with dried berries (from Oatbox), topped with strawberries & Coffee:

Lunch for me has always been a boring meal - it's usually left overs or something random that you just need to gobble down to get you into the last stretch of your day. Though over the recent months (before moving to Québec City) I attempted to make lunch my biggest meal of the day. When I was working, I'd get home quite late and never really felt like having huge meals at night, so having a filling lunch, which I prefer to still maintain if I can, is something I try to do, but on this day, I kept it ultra simple with a leftover pizza from a local place here. Very delicious!

Pro-tip: Don't microwave your left over pizza! Seriously -- have some patience, pre-heat your oven to 275 and reheat that pizza in the oven for 20-25 minutes. The crispy cheese and crust is, mmmmhm, good and worth it!

My lunch: Veggie pizza with cheese, broccoli, artichoke hearts (not seen here because I don't like them), tomatoes and onions.

Last but not least is dinner! Since moving to Québec, I've had the ultimate pleasure of being able to have Félix cook majority of our meals via Cookit (not an ad). It has been really awesome trying new things and having all the ingredients right there without that dreaded "what are we eating for dinner?" question pop-up. We still ask that question but it's more central to which recipe we may want to try. For dinner this night we had a lovely soba noodle recipe, which was surprisingly really delicious. We were both kind of on the fence as to whether it would turn out okay and man oh man, so yummy!!

My dinner: Soba Noodles with broccoli, seasame seeds, yellow bell pepper, peanuts, with a peanut butter sauce/lime juice drizzle

What are some of your favourite go to meals? Feel free to leave me a comment! Maybe I'll try it some time!!



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